Women represent 51% of the world’s population, yet only 2% of venture funding goes to female-led endeavors. 

A women-driven space advocating for equality within a male-driven world.


 Reduce the gender gap in business, entrepreneurship and angel investment, creating a world where at least 51% of founders, funders and business owners are female.


Empower women investors and entrepreneurs and create an affordable entry to investors interested in supporting social start-ups.


Provide a a space for female investors and entrepreneurs joining the start-ups ecosystem.

  • Being 51% or more women-owned -always.
  • Remaining 51% or more female-funded.
  • Targeting a minimum of 51% of our portfolio on projects that focus on women or girls.


In early 2020 – Elizabeth David-Dembrowsky having graduated from law school a few years prior – discovered the depth of the discrepancy in her work with start-up ventures and non-profit organizations. She was motivated to start her own organization to advocate for more representation in the business world.

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